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Our standard component cables* combine an RG-59 type coaxial cable with a substantial 22AWG (1*0.643BC) bare center conductor. Coaxial cables provide excellent shielding from signal interference. The connectors are molded on with a built-in strain relief neck, gold plated tips and are color coded in bright and easy to identify shades of red, green and blue.
22AWG 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial Cable (RG-59/U) - Black
- 3 RCA Video (Y, Pr, Pb) + 2 RCA Audio (Stereo L/R) Connectors
- Color Coded, Gold Plated, Molded Connectors
Video Cables
- Heavy-Duty, Triple Shielded RG-59/u Coax Cable
- Supports both Y, Pr, Pb and Y, Cr, Cb Color Space Component Signals
- Stranded 22AWG (17/0.16) Center Conductor
- Super Shielding Aluminum Foil +96/0.12 Braid Return
Audio Cables
- 28AWG braided cabling.
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